/ Ferdinand von Bismarck Died July 2019

We recently received the sad news of the death of Ferdinand von Bismarck at the age of 88 years old. He was the grandson of the historical German politician, Otto von Bismarck, who is famous for achieving the unification of Germany after hard negotiations with the southern German states.

Ferdinand was born in London and worked in Brazil in the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. After that, he involved himself in politics working in the European Commission and ended up working as a lawyer in Hamburg, Germany.

He also became famous in Spain because of his work and investments. Actually, he was the founder of the Marbella Hill Club, one of the most famous luxury residential areas in Marbella. The Club is well known because it is a favourite summer-holidays lodging area for many European aristocrats.

Among a big patrimony, Ferdinand had the title of Prince of Bismarck. Now, his son Carl-Eduard Otto Wolfgang Jayme Anders will have the chance to inherit both of his titles and a good share of the assets.

It is publicly know that Ferdinand did not have a good relationship with his heir and son. Carl-Eduard appeared in the news some years ago criticising his family. He said that his brother was greedy, his father, Ferdinand, had senility, and that his mother did not like Carl-Eduard’s Jewish wife and accused her of saying that she would prefer that Hitler had succeeded. Since then, Carl-Eduard has been a habitual figure in the gossip media of Germany.

Carl-Eduard is not the only heir. Ferdinand and his wife had three children, but Gottfried, the second one, died on July 2, 2007. As a result, the favourite of Ferdinand to manage the legacy is Gregor, the younger child. Although he has had some public issues, too, he has taken a much lower profile and has tried to keep the family issues private.

No matter what Ferdinand’s preferences were, the aristocratic titles go to the oldest son, and these titles come with important wealth benefits.

Since Gregor and Carl-Eduard’s relationship is broken, now that there is a legacy of millions of euros at play, we are sure we will have a new chapter of this story.

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Ferdinand von Bismarck Died July 2019
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