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Medallion Guarantee

/ Medallion Guarantee

When dealing with Stocks & Shares, whether transferring or selling, that are listed on the US or Canadian stock markets, a Medallion Guarantee will be required. In addition, when dealing with a deceased estate, if the securities are valued at over $60,000 at the time of death Federal Tax clearance will be required. We are able to provide a full service for both of these services. Call our Medallion Guarantee team on 01376 349366

/ Medallion Signature Guarantee

The Medallion Signature Guarantee is actually a special stamp that only a few companies, other than major banks, in the United Kingdom have access to. Each Medallion Stamp is barcoded and also includes a prefix letter denoting the value of the security guaranteed under the Medallion Guarantee.  

If the reason you need the medallion stamp relates to a deceased estate then probate will be required. If you need help with the application for a grant of probate or letters of administration then call us on 01376 349366 or email us at admin@iwcprobateservices.co.uk

/ What is required for a signature guarantee?

When applying for a Medallion Signature Guarantee there is a certain and very specific list of requirements. These requirements will or may include a sealed copy of any probate, certified identity of signatory including address and photographic ID. In addition, depdending on your location you may be required to sign documentation in front of a Solicitor or the orgnasiation providing the Medallion stamp.

/ Banks with a Medallion Guarantee

None of the standard high street banks, such as Lloyds, Barclays, Santander, or Natwest in the UK can supply the Medallion Guarantee as far as we are aware. Please let us know if you find a bank who can supply the signature guarantee. Some of the high net worth banks such as Coutes or City Bank may be able to provide the Medallion service for their clients.

/ Medallion Guarantee stamp

In certain cases it is not as simple as just obtaining the Medallion Guarantee stamp if you are dealing with an estate and the asset(s) are worth over the $60,000 tax threshold you will be required to obtain a Federal Transfer Certificate from the IRS to confirm that no inheritance tax is due to the US authorities.

We can provide the Medallion Guarantee stamp through our trusted supplier in the USA, meaning that no liability is placed on any third party in the UK, such as a certifying solicitor.

If you require assistance with obtaining a Medallion Guarantee stamp, please do not hesitate to contact us or use the apply online form.

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