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When someone dies and there is no one left at the property throughout the probate process and whilst applying for a grant of probate, their belongings will need to be cleared. This needs to happen more quickly if the property was rented, or was a council house or flat. However, even if the deceased person owned the property, it will still need to be cleared because the house will most likely need to go up for sale, or be rented out, and even if the furniture is to stay, the smaller, more personal items won’t.

It can be an extremely emotional task, even if it happens several weeks after the death itself. The friends and relatives carrying out the house clearance may have thought they were over their grieving, only to find that they feel it all again when they enter the house itself, not to mention when they are going through the belongings. Clearing a property will certainly be a duty of the executor.

For some, clearing the property themselves is a cathartic thing to do, allowing them additional time to grieve. It can also be a good chance to look at what the deceased person owned and determine whether there is anything that they would like to keep, especially if most if it will head for a charity shop.

If there are many possessions, or if the job is just to emotional (or time consuming) then you may wish to consider hiring a firm of professionals. These are people who clear houses all day long, so they know how to get it done quickly and efficiently.

If you do want to do it yourself it can be hard to know where to start, but here are some tips.

Begin by clearing away the rubbish – that’s actual rubbish and anything that just isn’t wanted anymore. Take care with medications, however; they need to be handed back to the pharmacist to be disposed of properly.

The next step is to identify anything that has been mentioned in the will and put it safely to one side so that it can be given to the person it was meant for. Anything else that you think might be valuable but that isn’t specifically mentioned will also need to be kept safe.

Next you should organise the rest of the family to come and collect anything that they want to keep for sentimental reasons.

Finally, make sure you have found all the paperwork that is needed for probate reasons.

Property Clearance Probate
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