/ What Should You Do If A Will Is Missing?

It can be a big problem if someone’s last will and testament cannot be found when it is required. It can mean that the estate of the deceased has to be dealt with though the intestacy rules, rather than what the deceased really wanted. This can be difficult for those left behind to understand and deal with, and can lead to some serious issues when it comes to finances.

If you are sure that a will exists but you just cannot find it, then you must try to find a will. It’s important for everyone involved. The will could name executors, it should state how to divide up the estate, and it might even have funeral wishes written in it. Having a will can also reduce the time that probate london will take. It’s extremely important.

Sometimes, however, a will cannot be found. If this is the case, then the first thing to do is ask close friends and family because they may be aware of where the will could be, or at least have an idea where their loved one might have hidden it. It could be that the will was written by and is being looked after by a solicitor; someone should know who that solicitor is. It could be with a bank, or even with the executor to take care off. There are many different people and places it could be, so you will need to ask everyone you can think of. You could even put a notice in the newspaper; but which newspaper? A local one or a national one? This could cost a lot of money on top of everything else.

An alternative to searching around like this – a job that can take many weeks, or even months – is to engage a professional company to find the will for you.

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What Should You Do If A Will Is Missing?
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